But in theory,Quantum computers are not the same。

Even if the integer is bigger,As long as there are enough qubits to participate in the calculation,Can decompose integers in a very fast time。
If the quantum brain designed by Yufei Wang can really complete the factorization calculations quickly,It can verify that the scientific community’s outlook on the prospects of quantum computers is correct.。
For this test machine,Wang Yufei spent an hour preparing。
To design an algorithm,And rewrite program commands。
It’s really not a simple question if you change someone,Spend one、It takes two weeks to prepare。
But Wang Yufei knows Xiaozhi too well after all,All he has to do is make some improvements to the algorithm,Then rewrite a command for Xiaozhi,These are what he is best at。
Then there is another boot process。
The program command Wang Yufei issued to Xiaozhi is,The system randomly generates more than one million digits,And the mantissa is not0Positive integer,Then factorize,After completion, record and save these positive integers and prime factors,Then loop。
This time, Wang Yufei did not specifically set the calculation time。
After the first two tests,Has accumulated enough experience and lessons,And made changes to the hardware,Enough to support long time calculations。
Of course, this long time is only relative,In short, this test machine is to allow Xiaozhi to perform calculations for as long as possible,Record it and improve it until a new problem appears。


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