“Can the players’ appearance order be adjusted??”

“can,Just do it when drawing lots,Hehe……”Ma Fengkuang said with a smile。
“I will hold a live confession meeting at the end of the game,Let Bailing make the finale,This way will have more time,and also,The one named Zhang Song had better come out early,Just adjust the order of these two people。”Anna Cao is satisfied with her arrangement,So convenient for her to take the next step。
“OK,Wrapped in my crazy brother,correct,I don’t know when Miss Anna will be free,Come out to have a meal together?”Ma Fengkuang sends out an invitation。
“Don’t make my mind!I will make you ugly。”Anna Cao made a boxing gesture to make Ma Feng retreat。
“Really a lovely lady,How can ordinary people appreciate your beauty??”Ma Fengkuang said in his heart。
22Hours ago。
The door of a men’s bathroom was pushed open,I saw three girls appear at the door,The girl in red is leading Anna Cao,Zhang Song, who was about to be convenient, was blocked by the three,Directly on the wall。
“Robbery,Robbery!Someone broke into the men’s toilet!”Zhang Song shouted。
“Don’t call,Are you Zhang Song?”Mary slapped Zhang Song。
“Let me go,I’m still a wounded!Even if you covet my beauty again,I don’t like being passive。”Zhang Song is joking。
“be honest!Sister Anna has something to ask you!”Lucy knocked on her knee joint,Now he is finally honest。
“your sister,The injury on my head is not good,Chased me in the toilet and bullied Lao Tzu!”Zhang Song Roar。
“It turned out that it was you little whirlwind who sent me an email?”Cao Anna wanted to kill someone with sharp eyes。
“You hit me too,What else do you want?”Zhang Song wants to cry。
“Say it,You obviously lost to Lu Yi in the live broadcast yesterday,Why didn’t you apologize to him later,Clarify the whole thing?”Cao Anna asked。
“It was for him!I don’t wantFaceOf?It’s so easy to apologize?Besides, there is no chance to apologize in front of everyone……”Zhang Song explained。
“Are you sure there is no chance?I heard,You participated in the campus singer contest……”Anna Cao’s eyes narrowed into a slit,Look at Zhang Song。
“Cough,Don’t think about the idea of playing a game!I can’t develop other hobbies except playing games?”Zhang Song feels bad。


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