Wang Lin smiled and said:“Don’t worry,My parents have lived abroad for many years,I live alone here“Wang Lin’s words surprised Xia Jian even more,Working together for so long,It turns out that Wang Lin is still a hidden rich man,Such a big villa,Live alone,Really maddening,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel more ashamed。

“OK OK,It’s late,Everyone, check if all the windows are closed,Turn on the light and serve food“This Alice yelled again。
But these women are obedient,They got busy quickly,Xia Jian who can’t get in,Lying on the big sofa,Be a real guest。
For a while,Large dining table,Full of fruit,And some cooked food,Naturally there is red wine,Xia Jian accidentally discovered,This red wine is from Bordeaux, France。
suddenly,The lights in the room dimmed,Then came the psychedelic ballroom lights,Alice and a few women started singing English songs,I don’t know if they are deliberately showing off or they really left China for a long time,Can’t sing Chinese songs anymore,Although I don’t understand,But the rhythm is still good。
Wine poured into a tall glass,It’s said that foreigners drink wine,But these women are different,Combine Chinese and Western cultures,He just took turns to toast Xia Jian,And it’s all bottomed out。Xia Jian can understand it,Five women,He is a man,Naturally it means being bullied。
When the music is converted,Alice winked Wang Lin,So he walked over to Xia Jian,Reach out,He pulled him up from his seat,She smiled and said:“I’m so pretty,President Xia will never refuse me, right!”
She said,He took Xia Jian and jumped up,Just started,I don’t know if it’s nervous or two people don’t work well together,This dance is ugly enough,slowly,The steps are consistent,Dominated by Alice who just started,Became the lead dancer of Xia Jian,The whole living room,Are the figures of two people traveling。
End of a song,Everyone applauded in unison,Alice wiped the sweat from her forehead and said:“President Xia is awesome,This dance is also good,In the words of our Chinese,Too hidden”
Xia Jian laughed,Everyone started drinking again,Even Wang Lin, who is usually stable, is uncharacteristic,She was also holding a wine glass and chasing Xia Jian desperately。
“Alright, Mr. Wang,This wine can’t be drunk anymore,Drunk again“Xia Jian said vaguely,He did not expect,This wine initiates Weilai,Not worse than liquor。
Wang Lin leaned on Xia Jian’s shoulder and said:“Stay drunk,I have three floors up and down here,More than ten rooms,There is no place for you to sleep yet?“It seems that Wang Lin is almost drinking too。
Tired of playing,Almost drinking,This group of women calmed down,Wang Lin started making coffee for everyone again,She asked Xia Jiandao with her eyes blurred:“President Xia!Do you want sugar”
“Damn!You are so awkward,What’s not always,Come here to play,All friends,Don’t call it like that”Alice leaned on the sofa,Shouted impatiently。


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