Flower pity:Is this the son of luck in Sister Yun Yun’s world?,Xiao Yan??

Tony:Haha,This Xiao Yan,The status of the family is really low,As the son of the patriarch,Not even a seat。
Originally Tony didn’t plan to talk,Can see such a scene,Can’t help but say。
Shen Ziyao:Fortunately I was not born in a family,Intrigue,Scary thinking。
Purple Girl:There is no alternative,Family is better,If born in the royal family(Qin Shimingyue before the unification of the seven kingdoms,Only king,No emperor),I’m afraid it’s more cruel。
The purple girl who has never spoken,See this scene,It is also a rare sentence of emotion。
For this,Wu Xing and Hexi did not speak,Hexi is because she used to be in the Tiangong order era,Can be considered a general。
As for Wu Xing,I remembered the time when I was crossing,He happened to be rescued by his wife’s father,Then followed for a while,Better understand the status of female angels at that time,How low,Far from what Xiao Yan can compare now。
Father of Kesha:Ok?That’s why you fucked my daughter???
Chapter Fifty One:Queen Hexi wants to kill people online
“Sit here。”
Just when everyone looked at Xiao Yan still,When some young people around want to see him look like a fool,A voice sounded。
It’s not from the Xiao family,It’s not Xiao Xun’er who was supposed to relieve Xiao Yan in the plot,Instead, it is Mo Lan, a disciple of the Yunlan School。
Xiao Xun’er originally planned to speak,But the other party spoke out first,Made her startled slightly。
She is also from a big family,Far bigger than Yunlanzong,Know that the family disciples born in front of these big forces,How proud it is outside,But now I can put down my body without saying,And so indifferently to relieve Brother Xiao Yan,It’s hard to understand。


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