Chinese Bengmine: In the gap between the civilization of the East and Western, poetic habitat

Image Source: The official Weibo of Suzhou Museum seems to be an era of a master that is growing away.

On May 16, the world-renowned Chinese architect Master Beng Ming died, and enjoy 102 years old.

From the glass pyramid before the French Louvre, the Washington National Art Museum of Marble, the Hong Kong Bank of China, who stands in the Wei Port, the construction of the Belum Ming, and the beauty of the art is solid to the earth, and the time proves eternal.

In 1983, Bei Yu Ming held the highest award in the architectural community: Plyzk Award. The jury believes: "Beng Ming gave us the best indoor space and architectural body in this century. He always pays attention to the environment around him, … for the application of materials to the general realm.

"Beham Ming is called" The last modernist architecture master ". His modernism has a distinct personal brand – clean, intricate, sharp edge, the use of geometric shapes, etc.

But even those who like traditional buildings, they will love at first sight. Before you stand in Bengmine design, you will be amazed in the beauty, harmonious rhythm of the seemingly sharp line, and a nature of the surrounding environment. After he passed away, the New York Times evaluation: Bengmine is one of the most respected architects in the world. In particular, he is affected by the real estate business, the company’s person in charge, and also appreciated by the Art Museum. Such an architect can say that it is less.

All his works, from the commercial skyscrapers, to the Art Museum, all of the sharp balance between sharp rims and conservatism.


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