An Nan Dun’s face value is terrible,Some are millions,Chen Xiu estimates that there is no one hundred million, there should be tens of millions。

“Thanks for your translation,I gave you all the money。”
Chen Xiu directly gave all the money to the lady at the front desk,Walk straight out of the room,Down the stairs。
The lady at the front desk rushed to the second floor and shouted:“Go from here,Here is the fire ladder。”
“I am used to walking the gate!”
Chen Xiu looked back and smiled indifferently,Go straight to the first floor,Out of the hotel gate。
Hundreds of people outside are clamoring,Everyone seems to swallow Chen Xiusheng alive。
Flower brother with arms,All people are silenced。
“Summer people,I know you can fight!”
Brother Hua held the dagger and pointed at Chen Xiu and yelled:“But so many brothers here,One person can knock you down!”
“What do you want?”Chen Xiu said calmly。
Don’t look at the crowd,Chen Xiu estimates that most of these guys are here to make up,Turn over more than a dozen backbones by yourself and guarantee to run faster than anyone else!
“Kowtow to me,Pay me another million……Summer coin,Otherwise, don’t think of having a chance to go back to summer in your life!”


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