“Hey!Which?“Wang Youdao asked stiffly。

Wang You’s happy voice came over the phone:“Good way!I am your brother,I have something to find you,Can you come out now?“
Wang Yi heard that the eldest brother came to him,He suddenly felt that he had found a substitute,Busy with a smile:“You go to the city hall,I’ll be out in a while“
Hang up the phone,Wang Youdao said hello to his colleagues,He walked out of the city hall。Wang Youzheng looks around,When he saw Wang Youdao, he yelled:“Youdao!I am here“
Wang Youdao glanced at his eldest brother,Can’t help asking:“brother!How did you make it like this,If you don’t want to clean up,Hurry up and cut it,Otherwise walk on the street,People thought the beggar was here“
“Damn!Stop talking,Lend me some money quickly,I’m goinggzcity,I don’t want to stay in this house for a day“Wang Youqi said in a huff。
Wang Youdao pulled Wang You to the wrong place,Speak softly:“Do you think I opened a banknote printing factory?,Why do you want me,Don’t i owe you anything?“
“Hey youdao!What do you say,I never opened my mouth to you,Isn’t Shuifeng going back?,She also took my bank card,rest assured,Wait till i get the money,I must pay you back,Or add interest“Wang Youdao was talking,His nature is revealed。
Wang Youdao took a long breath and said:“You go to Dongqiao Police Station first,Take out the third brother first“
“what?What’s wrong with this bastard,I’m still looking for him?So he went in,cough!Really retribution,I told you to hack my money“Wang You scolded fiercely,If Wang Youcai is in front of him,It looks like he will step on his feet。
Wang Youdao said coldly:“All right,No matter what happens to you,He is your brother after all,look at you,Do you look like a big brother??“
“I’m not going anyway,Gonna go by yourself“Wang You said,Actually squatted on the ground。
Wang Youdao took a long breath:“Ok!If you don’t go,Don’t want to borrow money from me,Go to whomever you like!“Wang Youdao finished,Fly away,He expected that Wang Youdao would catch up。
as expected,He didn’t take two steps,Wang You chased him up,He gasped and said:“Can i go?You give me the money,I don’t have any money,If it’s not for you,I don’t bother to care about him“
Wang Youdao sighed all the way,Withdraw five thousand yuan from the teller machine,This is all his savings,I don’t know if it is enough to pay Wang Youcai’s fine,If not enough,This can be troublesome。
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