“So embarrassed to say me?You are also a legendary player?You didn’t change your job successfully?”Xu Tian asked back。

“I’m different from you!You rank second,Active duty first,And I’m a player whose ranking is seriously overestimated,More,I can also tell you a little secret,just now……”Gandhi is selling off。
“Isn’t it?Is it really???”Red eye quit the game before,Returned to the friend meeting room in the game,Gandhi asked, who seemed to be affirming the answer with a deep smile.。
“Is it a transfer task??”Xu Tian can’t believe it,Gandhi, who just played with himself,I received a job transfer task quietly。
“Hmmm。”Gandhi did not answer,Just nodded。
“what occupation?What kind of occupation?”Xu Tian and Red Eye came together in the game and asked strangely。
“Buddha says no cloud,Unclouded。”Gandhi shook his head。
“Isn’t it?As a team captain,I have the right to know!”Xu Tiandao。
“Yes,Yes!As a teammate,I also have the right to know!”Redeye quickly said。
Gandhi makes a handsome turn in the game,Sat at the conference table,Take out a thick book with a thick purple cover and yellow pages from the battle uniform。
“Is a bomb disposal expert?Or war madman?”Red eye asked。
And Xu Tian relied on himself to be close to Gandhi3Nian’s teammates are not polite,Snatched the purple classic book,Although marked in English,But he still read the cover name quickly and correctly:“《Destruction Scholar’s Code of Creation》?”
【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】
Chapter One Hundred Forty Five Code of Creation
“《Destruction Scholar’s Code of Creation》——Printed edition in eight languages【Chinese(Chinese)、Japanese(Japanese)、English(English)、Руссκий языκ(Russian)、Fran?ais(French)、Detusch(German)、Puês(Portuguese)、Espa?ol(Spanish)】,Advanced professional for ammunition expert‘Destruction Scholar’Token of,Necessary items to trigger the transfer task(long),Attributes:no,‘God of destruction,Expect its power to be liberated’,Holder:FusHidhi(Phoenix Team.Gandhi)。”
See a long series of dense text notes,Not only Gandhi,Even Xu Tian and Red Eye are amazed,This hidden object does not directly trigger the job transfer task like other holy objects,But need to explore,You cannot enter the shrine of transfer until certain conditions are met。
“Chinese、Japanese、English、Russian、French、German、Portuguese、Spanish……A book is actually printed in eight languages?”Gandhi was speechless,I really saw the consequences of opening the book8Printed text in multiple languages,But Gandhi only knows both Chinese and English,Got the following information:
“In the beginning God created heaven and earth。In the beginnihe heaveh.


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