Lily frowned and was puzzled,But at this moment,Lily’s phone rang suddenly。

“Arthur?”When Lily saw the phone number displayed on the phone,I got a little bit in my heart,Is there any new news from Arthur??
“Arthur,what’s up?”Lily quickly connected。
“sister,I just discovered one thing,I don’t know if it will work for you。”Arthur said quickly。
“An hour ago,Father hurriedly left from home,I followed,Found my father went to Morgan Stanley headquarters。”
“Arthur,I do not understand,My father is the president of Morgan Stanley’s investment management department,Is there anything wrong with him returning to Morgan Stanley headquarters??”Lily asked puzzledly。
“Father returned to Morgan Stanley headquarters as normal,But soon after my father returned to Morgan Stanley headquarters,Goldman Sachs、Merrill Lynch、Lehman Brothers、Bear Stearns and the other four‘Five major investment banks on Wall Street’President of Investment,And Soros, President of Quantum Fund、Julian, President of Tiger Fund?Robertson also came to Morgan Stanley headquarters。”Arthur quickly explained。
“Those bigwigs in the investment industry all entered my father’s office,We had a meeting together for about half an hour,It’s not finished yet!”
“what?President of the investment department of the five major Wall Street investment banks,Soros、Robertson was invited to Morgan Stanley headquarters for a meeting?”Lily was a little dumbfounded。
You know how busy the world-class investment leaders are,If not for major actions,They won’t get together,Have such a long meeting!
Think of it again that Qiao Tianyu just returned to New York yesterday and found Rubin and several big investment circles.,Today they started to take action,Obviously this matter is likely to be related to Qiao Tianyu。
But Qiao Tianyu shipped the gold to Japan,Will there be any connection with the investment community’s actions?,What does Qiao Tianyu want to do?,What do those big investment guys want to do??
“Boss!”Just when Lily was racking her brains to be puzzled,Sato Junji interrupted Lily’s thinking,Offer a good plan,“Boss,I can’t wait any longer,Must get started!”
“Start,What move?”Lily looked at Sato Junji with a blank face,I thought Junji Sato was about to click again Qiao Tianyu。
“Boss,I know I’m not Qiao Tianyu’s opponent,I can’t guess what Qiao Tianyu wants to do,Come back,Don’t you think we’ve been led by Qiao Tianyu all the time??”Sato Junji explained。
“All the time,We have been following Qiao Tianyu’s every move,I’ve been guessing what Qiao Tianyu thinks,As a result, we were dragged around the world by Qiao Tianyu,So passive!”
“So I suggest the following actions,We must take the initiative,Keep the initiative in the battle firmly in our own hands!”
“Oh?Take the initiative in our own hands?”
Although Junji Sato’s idea is as always“Zhiyang”,But I woke up a little bit Lily。


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