White-collar attention-grabbing classic moves

White-collar attention-grabbing classic moves

Smile, remember to smile, and do n’t laugh like a chicken and do n’t laugh.

If you can’t smile without teeth, then gently raise the corner of your mouth.

The most important thing is your eyes. When listening to others or talking to others, you must face up to others. Do n’t look around and show your confidence.

  The office is a very special place. The women in the office really have to master some necessary etiquette, fully display your elegant and decent connotation, and establish good interpersonal relationships at a speed of speed. Naturally, the boss will also be aware of it.Start to cultivate your own image: 1. Stand: Stand straight, raise your chest and abdomen, and do n’t lift your head up to the sky, stare and do n’t stand out. Everything must be flat. This is the minimum standing position.

No matter where it is, on some occasions, as long as it is standing, it must maintain this form, and it will form a habit in the long run.

If you say no, I ca n’t stand up to that effect, go home, heels, hips, shoulders, back of the head against the wall, put your hands vertically down, stand with your legs in a cage, and stand for half an hour, every day,That effect will work out over time.

  2. Sitting: The sitting position must be elegant, the upper body should be straight, the hips should only be separated by the chair, the legs can be put together to the left or right, or one leg can be placed on the other leg, and the legs will naturally sag.

But don’t let your legs be apart, and your legs shouldn’t be tilted on the chair. If you are not used to it, use the rest time at work to exercise yourself.

  3, go: use the words of standing first, raise your chest and abdomen, don’t always lower your head and count your toes.

Think of the road as your home when you walk on the road, your T-shaped stage, but it is not for you to take the rampant and domineering side, if there is no one beside you, you do n’t squint, get out of your momentum, do n’t rush meteor, do n’t goFear of stepping on the ants on the road.

The rest is the walking posture, which can be buttoned. The back movement is more obvious to your waist posture, but don’t move the upper body all the way, it looks frivolous, with both hands vertical, gently swinging back and forth, but not in the military posture.It is not natural to take a step forward.

  4, appearance: women look at the head, men look at the waist, women look at what is it?

First look at hairstyles, second look at makeup, and then clothing.

Pay attention to keeping your hair clean and groomed neatly, especially during the job search period. You must maintain a standard hair style. You must not be unkempt or oily.

The beauty of hair accessories is an important part of image beauty. Therefore, both job seekers and women at work must pay attention to their hairstyles.

Hair style must conform to the general principles of beauty, generosity, cleanliness and convenience in life and work, and must be well combined with factors such as hair quality, face shape, body shape, age, temperament, seasonal clothing and environment to give people a wholeBeauty image.

Hair styling can make people lively and young, but also make people dignified and elegant, transforming and modifying the shape of the face, and coordinating the role of body shape.

As far as different face shapes are concerned, the oval face is the standard face shape of oriental women, and any hair style is optional.

The long face looks thinner, and the forehead should be properly covered in the hairstyle design, and the cheeks should be widened forward.

A person with a round face should comb the hair on the top of the head to increase the visual strength of the face and cover the cheeks.

The square face should be expected to conceal the edges and corners to make the face appear rounder.

Face shape with a narrow forehead should increase the thickness of the forehead length hair.

People with a long face should not have too short hair, and those with chin alignment can leave some curly hair. People with short or thin hair should not have long hair, and those with tall hair should have a longer hairstyle.

If you decorate the hair styles, hair clips, hair bands, or head ornaments in the appropriate parts of the hair, it will “finish the finishing touch” on the overall beauty, thereby adding infinite charm and charm.

But pay attention to not too many ornaments, and the color should not be too bright and dazzling, forming a pile, it gives a tacky feeling, but loses the natural beauty.

Women with work experience know that makeup is important on important occasions. This is basic courtesy. Makeup is respect for people you associate with and for others.

Make-up should be based on the objective conditions of your face, properly strengthened and beautified, and must not be distorted: you must make up without revealing, and change without realizing, to achieve the state of “water from hibiscus, natural de-carving”.

Another thing to note is that the clothing is not necessarily a brand name, but it must be suitable for your age, body, and wear your own personality. A good dress is good for others, but it is not necessarily a non-brand.Suitable for you to wear.

  5. Confidence: Confident that you are the most beautiful and the best.

It is the most critical step in the work.

Don’t put self-confidence on your mouth, you must be humble, and smart women always boast of others.

Also don’t publicize yourself on the Internet like this, what’s wrong, give hope so, everyone will be disappointed when they see you.

Keep it in your heart, radiate from your heart, and show it in your coat.

  6. Smile: Smile, remember to smile, do n’t laugh like a chicken, and do n’t laugh.

If you can’t smile without teeth, then gently raise the corner of your mouth.
The most important thing is your eyes. When listening to others or talking to others, you must face up to others. Do n’t look around. Remember that a book says that a woman ‘s eyes are a gate to her heart, so make good use of this gate.Show your confidence.


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