“I don’t know this thing.?”Kang Guang grinning,“Not as good as you retire early。”

Jiang Hong looked at the slingshot in his hand:“……”Of course he knows,Just I can’t imagine why slingshot is also mixed in a bunch of weapons.。
“This is a good thing,Technology strong can reach a million meter,The key is‘Projectile’Almost anything can be used instead。”Qian Mao took a slingshot from him.,Carefully check the bow、Rubber bands and belts,“The skin’s flexibility is very good.,I will put a sight on the bow.。”
Jiang Hong and Yan Yan have taken a□□,Ding Wushen falls behind,I want to decide to choose a dagger.。
Oki’s coming,Pick up the last one□□,Hand give Qian Mao。
“thanks。”Qian Mao,Accept□□,Although he is proficient in various weapons firearms,But does not mean,□□It is indeed the most smooth weapon.。
There is also a dagger and slingshot,Now there is only a weapon in the long wooden box in the hands of the Hall Hand.。
Zuo Luo Station is on the side,Look at the bonus of Ji Yue:“Will you use a slingshot?”
One of the biki, the cold eyes looked at Zuo Luohuan,Blunt:“will not。”
Voice is just,Zuo Luohoppy,Bending and slingshot in the hand,Slightly:“Just,I know a little,I have the opportunity to teach you in the future.。”
I heard that the snow was holding the same□□,Rapida to Zuo Luo,Susperse:“Daxie also teaches me to teach me.~”
Zuo Luohuan greeted her,Leave only a light fluttering one word:“roll。”
Weapons and survival packages are allocated,Seven people turned into the wild jungle,They left,The instructor begins with。
“Do you think this time, who can be the captain?”Cypress。
“Only two candidates can be selected as the captain,Zuo Luo Huan and Oak。”Jia Haizhen Pens,“Hard to say。”
“Actually, there is also something that is hard to talk about.。”Kang Guang exposed a surprised look。
Jia Haizhen’s eyes through the jungle,Like you can see the seven military schools that have already arrived.:“Combined days, suitable for command,He has strength and co-http://www.leaderyoung.cnordination,Captain is completely competent。Zuo Luo Huan……Strong strength,Should also command,But her temperament,Difficult to do something。”
“This is。”Kang Guang reached out to touch the scars of your mouth,Deep,This Zuo Luo has indeed seen it.。
Multi-beast in the jungle,Seven people come in and check if their hands and feet are all plugged.,Jianghong bowed his head touched himself□□,Suddenly found that it is bad。
“This shot has a problem。”Jianghong Raido does not move the insurance。
“Let me see。”Qian Ma,Disassemble,“The parts are rusty,I clean up again.,Other people’s weapons have also taken。”
This kind of thing has happened in the military school exercise competition,The weapon guns provided by the early Suchani area are in use.,The high frequency occurs,Several military academies participating students http://www.hloov.cn have been affected,At that time, only the students in the Northern Military Academy because there were a weapon development department.,The other party checks the weapon in advance,Avoid this disaster。
But developed to now,The weapon problem has become part of the experimental test.。
Check all the guns over again,Seven people re-on,Qianmao walks in the middle,There is a small short wooden branch in his hand.,He borrowed Ding Wusu’s dagger to cut into a thickness of two centimeters.,Ready to give a sight。
Yan Yan Station is in front of the front,Oki’s second place,Other people stand in the middle,Zuo Luo is falling in the end。
The jungle road is not good,They have to find routes from the map,Arrived at the end of the flag,I may hit the beast along the way,Perhaps there is also the instrument added‘material’。
“Overlook this mountain,There are two choices on the back,Waterway and mountain road。”The only map is held in the hand of Ji.,“Waterway riverside is too wide,Not necessarily swim,And underwater,Not easy to deal with。”
“Then let’s continue to walk the mountain road。”Jiang Hong came to see the map,“There is also an abandoned road on this mountain.,It should be convenient to walk。”
Oki’s line of sight swept away others,Waiting their opinions。

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