“the first,His identity is unusual。”

“second,He is my good buddy。”
When Gao Xinshu is talking here,The whole person looked up,A very proud look。
It’s true in Gaoxinshu,For Gao Hong in front of me,She kept shaking her head。
These ones,What the hell is it?
How to see,How can people suddenly seem to be incomprehensible??
But now,Continue to struggle with these,Actually it won’t help。
And looking at these,at this time,Gao Hong slowly raised his head and looked here。
“but,The old man,Who the hell is?”
at this point,No one will know。
“so,You sent me to the hospital before?”
When Ye Xuan saw the old man next to him,Ye Xuan is even more curious,Can’t help but ask here。
With Ye Xuan’s words finished,The old man in front of me nodded repeatedly。
then,The old man said these things again。
But in the key place,The old man still paused。
Because the old man’s heart is very clear,Now words,Continue to struggle with these,In fact, it has no meaning at all。
So the next words,Let Ye Xuan,Here first。
at least,I have to make a name for myself first。


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