Grass God,“and many more!Counterper,You can’t do this!”

Trustworthiness,Grass gods had to attack the rules of the main person。
But the next moment,The rule chain wore grass god’s body,The power of the rules is in the god of grass gods.。
soon,Grass god lost his life,Even the gods are also erased。
Six God see this situation,Anger。Preparation and the main war,He is not a god of death.。
“Counterper,You cautious,Charcoal,Now I will clean up the portal for the treasure.!”
Water god is very angry,Fair is what Him has been pursuing,Now the main party is bullied in the front of Him Cantia.。
He can’t finish!
Gods,And the mainman is fighting together。
Constantly frozen behind the water column,Rush to the main,The main person is inadvertently hit by a fireball,Then be evaporated by water,Freesic frozen,Then the lightning is superconducting。
Morax originally wants to play a combination of combination skills with Barbatus to the ultimate,Directly killing。
It was interrupted by heaven,So God is bound by the original place。
Tianli’s voice sounded in the brain。
“This matter!Non-renewable event!”
Subsequently restriction。
The gods still recovered their hands,No one noted,Black square with mystery symbol is quickly close to the gods。
The first three gods are directly erased。
Vacancy is really flying out,Shock attack with Shenli。
The clock is also open to the shield to block this hit.。
However, the fire god is not so lucky.,The square stopped after the cave.。
Unfortunately, it is late.。
Tianli will take the mains,Let the power of the gods selection inheritors in their own territory。
The whole Twovite is boiling,People are guess,Why is the seven god suddenly died five!
Why is the god and the wind??
pity,No one can answer their doubts,following,Alchemist named gold。
After the weather is taken away,Also send Him to block the dairy of the world。
Based on Tian Li,His leave will make the abyss completely entered Twovite,Open channel。
The main staff think this is punished,Before blocking,But because of the serious injury when he was in Qi Shen。
Leading the abyss,Take away one of them,Another thing that is still inadvertent。
The main person is also almost swallowed by the abyss.。
Tianli’s controversy。
Water god saw the powerful strength of Tianli,Select maintenance,I even want to trial on the act of not respecting the gods.。
Belt by the abyss,Want to revenge for Cantia,Air seal memory。
For seven gods,Two choices。
Cultivate suitable creators and positive pairs of anti-invitation。


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