Xia Jian drove the car,I went around the village and found。The implementation of this Mengwan Village is really problematic。

Not only the village road was not cleaned thoroughly,And there are two other families whose pig pens are built on the side of the road。Xia Jian’s car in the past tense,Almost wiped the body。
These things,Xia Jian told Liu Zimin to write down one by one。They didn’t go to the village committee,And did not ask the villagers where the village chief lives。They turned around,Drove out of Mengwan Village。
Xia Jian found a relatively hidden place on the roadside,Stopped the car,Waited until dark before getting out of the car。Under the leadership of Liu Zimin,Touching the night into Mengwan Village。
Dotted lights,Let this remote village add a trace of life。Liu Zimin is the secretary,His preparation is very good。
They didn’t ask anyone,But found Gao Xiuli’s house based on the house number。It seems that Liu Zimin is well prepared,He not only prepared a notebook,Also took a flashlight。
The courtyard door is empty,Liu Zimin gave a light push,The door opened。Two children clamoring in the upper room,And the lights are on in the east kitchen。There is the clash of pots and pans inside。
Xia Jian motioned to Liu Zimin not to say anything,Until the sound in the kitchen stops,Liu Zimin shouted softly:“Is Gao Xiuli at home??“
“Who?“With sound,A rural old man in his thirties came out of the kitchen。The light is very dim,Xia Jian can only get a rough idea。This woman is a little pretty and pretty,And also has a charming breath。
Liu Zimin hurriedly stepped forward and smiled:“Sister Gao!This is our new head Xia from Donglin Township,He wants to talk to you”
“Oh!It’s the head of Xia Xiang!Let’s go to Westinghouse!There is a child in the room that is too noisy”Gao Xiuli said,He quickly removed the apron on his body。
There is a soil pit in the west room,The bedding on the pit is complete,Two chairs on the ground,The rest is a few bags of grain。Gao Xiuli glanced at Xia Jian,His face was slightly red,Said crampedly:“Humble home,Sit down,I will give you tea”
“No need to,Sit down!I ask you something”Xia Jian said,He twisted his butt and sat on a chair on the ground。
Gao Xiuli was taken aback,So I sat on the edge of the kang。She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I am a rural woman with children at home, I don’t know if Mr. Xia has anything to ask me?”
“Gao Xiuli, right?!The first thing people tell you is,We came in your house in the dark,It can be said that no one in the village knows。So what do i ask you,Please answer boldly,No need to hide anything”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Gao Xiuli smiled and said:“I’ll know if you say that,Do you want to ask Secretary Wang??forget about it,I’ve already answered it to the people in your working group。This humiliated thing,Also my scar,You just let me go!”
Xia Jian heard Gao Xiuli say this,He found,This woman is really not easy,Don’t think she is a rural woman,Xia Jian’s admiration for her being able to say such a level speech。


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