“What big sister,Sister’s?One bite‘Big sister’As if i’m quite old?”Anna Cao joked。

“Cough,Big sister can’t,Miss is not nice,Let’s call Miss Anna!”Shunzi stuck out her tongue。
“The point is to avenge you!Fast forward,Enter the team,Shunzi, have you made an appointment with someone in the army??”Zhang Song asked。
“promised,It just so happens that the three of us can fight3V3Challenge mode,I will tell the cadres in the original army。”Shunzi replied。
After a while,The challenge invitation option appeared on the screens of the three of Cao Anna“You are willing to accept‘Blackwind Mountain King’Legion challenge initiated??”
“What the hell is King Heifengshan?”Cao Anna asked。
“The corps I added before is called‘Black wind mountain’what,ThisTMThe team leader came to educate me!”Shunzi surprised。
“Bad name,Fight and lose half!let’s go,I help you educate them”Zhang Song said。
Anna Cao can’t laugh or cry:“What kind of mountain king is here to sell cute??”
“Miss Anna,Although they are not good to me,But after all, I stayed5Legion of Months,Please don’t laugh at them。”Shunzi touched a tear and said。
“How to say,This matter is also their fault,Bully newcomers casually,I’ll take care of this nosy anyway!”Anna Cao said,Clicked“accept”Button。
The three entered the preparation room,A fragrant greeting came from the public voice channel:
“not bad,Straight,You still know‘Huofeng Liaoyuan’God of war,This is to avenge you?”
“Yo,So scared!No matter how hard you look at the name, it’s a woman,Maybe it was for power leveling?”
“Maybe,Yes‘Game bitch’do you know?It’s said that girls these days can do anything to get points……”
Cao Anna looks at the chat content in the common channel,Jumped up like a cat with fried hair。
“you,Do you have a word in southern Sichuan?,what do you say that is?”Cao Anna asked。
“amount,Riyou fairy Banbaner?”Zhang Song replied。
“Correct!I am a few immortal Banbaner!Bring the knife!Not bring a gun!Let me enter the game and kill them!”Anna Cao shouted。
“Ding Dong,three,two,One……Miss Anna、Songzi、ShunziYou have entered3V3Random map‘Storm island’。”


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