“look,Which village on the top of the mountain is Shuijing Village”Just when Xia Jian was thinking about it,Ouyang Red Finger Raises,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。

Xia Jian is a little puzzled,He couldn’t help asking:“Wells can be drilled on top of this mountain?”
“Humph!How can a well be drilled on the top of the mountain?It’s just a wish in the hearts of ordinary people,That’s why they named the village Shuijing Village”Ouyang Hong explained to Xia Jian。
After Yao Junli’s car catches up,Xia Jian asked Xi Zhen to drive to Shuijing Village。Their arrival,Seems to have alarmed this peaceful mountain village。Old man、The children are all around,They were all a little surprised and circled around these two cars。Obviously,There is almost no car in this village。
Ouyang Hong asked a child to call the village chief,In a while,A middle-aged man of more than fifty came over,His face is ruddy,Looks good。
“Ouch!Mayor Ouyang!Why are you here?”The middle-aged man said with a smile。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Chief Chen!Bring the God of Wealth to Shuijing Village。He is President Xia of Venture Group,Mr. Guo is called,And Mr. Yao。Which beauty in the car is President Xia’s assistant,You have to know all these people,Still have to deal with in the future”
Village Chief Chen’s silly smile,He can’t figure it out,Why did Ouyang Hong introduce him so many managers。Fortunately, Xia Jian lives in the countryside,Have some understanding of the living habits of farmers。
“Oh!We are here to invest,If it is convenient, let’s go to the village committee to chat”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Village Chief Chen smiled awkwardly and said:“Made you laugh,Our village has no village committee,You should go to my house!”Xia Jian hurriedly responded。He knows it’s poor,I didn’t expect to be so poor,Not even a village committee。
The village chief lives in the middle of the village,Courtyard wall surrounded by adobe,After years of wind and rain,There are gaps in some places。Row of tiled houses,It’s probably like five rooms。The wood on the house has turned black,The age of this house is not to say that it is older than Xia Jian’s。
Wheat basking in the yard,Never saw other people。Ouyang Hong couldn’t help asking:“What about the others in the family?”
“All on the ground,I feel a little uncomfortable, so I kept the wheat at home”Mr. Chen said,Let everyone into the house。The situation in the house,Xia Jian knows it best。A big kang,Put a few wooden boxes on the kang。Except for a square table on the ground,The rest is a few small stools。Bags of crops are stacked in the corner。This looks very much like Xia Jian’s family looked like five years ago。
Secretary Chen said embarrassedly:“It’s like this when the family is poor,Just a few bosses。Let’s talk about it first。Because Mayor Ouyang said that the God of Wealth brought,I don’t know what it means”


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