“Amin,How are the dishes in the kitchen?Go and see for me,tell them,Time must be mastered!The heat should be just right!”

“Xiaoqing,Xiaolian,What are you guys doing here??No makeup,No way,No way!So dull!Don’t embarrass your lady,Go draw!”
Chicken flying dog jumping in the backyard,Servants running back and forth,I only heard a shrill voice continuously giving instructions,I told everyone to be busy。
It was a middle-aged beauty who gave orders,Stay in good shape,In a red dress like fire,Milfs,The charm still exists,Her appearance is similar to Hu Lin,energetic。
This is Hu Lin’s mother, Hu Yang,Mother is expensive,These few days, the Populus family has been doing the show,Even walking with wind。
A special guest will visit Hu’s Mansion today,That’s why she will be busy herself,I’m afraid that people will lose courtesy,Make a joke。
unconsciously,Sun set,It’s past evening。
The backbone of the Hu family gathered together,Sitting around the table。
Marshal Hu sitting in the center,He is the head of the family,Respectful,It is the Jinhae needle that the Hu family can gain a foothold in Korea at night,As long as Marshal Hu is alive,,The Hu family will not fall。
Sitting on Hu’s right hand,It’s Hu Jin, the president of the Hu Group,He is a business giant,Controls half of the financial industry in Korea,Recently, through Hu Lin’s shareholder style,Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire their biggest competitor at a low price,Climbing to the top of the South Korean rich list in one fell swoop,To the extreme。
Hu Junwu、Hu Nanxing、Hu Shijing,These three are the leaders of the second generation of Hu’s children,Three are major generals,Real power。There is a circle around it is the backbone of the Hu family。
but,Marshal Hu still has two places on his left,No one is seated at the moment,It should be reserved for the distinguished guest。
Time passed by,Seeing the sky getting darker,Everything is ready for the family banquet in Hu’s mansion。
“It’s so late,Why hasn’t that girl brought anyone??”Hu Lin’s mother watched everyone in the family are ready,Can’t help but complain in a low voice。
President Hu Jin laughed,Tao“Selina,You can’t be impatient。That person agreed to come home for dinner,It’s not easy already。It’s okay if we wait a while。”
“Yes!I heard that but no one agreed,Only our Hu family can invite him。”Hu Junwu also followed with a smile。
“Aunt Shu, I can’t wait to miss my daughter,I still want to see my son-in-law?”Hu Shijing on the side laughed。
Everyone laughed,Hu Lin’s mother Hu Yang was so embarrassed that he lowered her head。


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