Le Yu knows what this woman is thinking。

But Mu Ziyi really looks like this woman,It also proves that she is also blind.。
“you”Tooth cut teeth of Lu Siyuan,I can’t say it.。
Le Yu is cold hook the lips,Truly,She won’t lose to anyone。
There is a saying,A person is scorny,Vicious,It’s all to protect yourself.。
Now this world has changed.,Sometimes there is money and not good,No matter how big your circle is,I have to talk well.。
Miss, a big lady who is involved in the event of Lu Si,I am used to others of Ah.,Others just say a few more difficult to obey,Can be angry。
This is not,Is she not in front of her??
but,Mu Zi-rang is a good man.。
She just didn’t have a predecessor.,He just caught upstairs。
Le Yu, slightly pulled the lips,Woman looking at three gray faces in front of you,Both hearts and fast。
It is not easy for more than twenty years.,First met the enemy。
Two waiters standing on a five woman quarrel,A shock of a face。
Say three women a play,Now these five women are more than big dramas.。
Lin Zihang turned to watch two waiters:“Put the whole thing,Give me a package。”
Two waiters listen,Audience,Since the same,But the first time I encountered such a refreshing guest.,This quarrel can also quarrel,This is simply a life of life.。
Two salespersons are full of surprises:“it is good,Miss,This will give you a package.,Please come over,Write your address and phone number,Within today, we will not send all the clothes and bag jewelry to your home.。”
Le Yu and Blue Xin have listened to Lin Zhenshi so domineering.,The two smiles。
Be angry,How much money is also liable??
“What are you laugh??”
Lin Zihang looked proudly,Money is cool,Can buy anything you want,You can also buy the face you want.。
Blue Xin like clothes,She does not let her buy。
and,She can’t afford to buy!Blue Xin refers to all the clothes on the counters,These clothes are new quarters,She smiled and said:“Miss Lin,You are really a cool,These clothes are at least hundreds of pieces,According to the price of the season,Contrast,At least1000More than 10,000!Wow!Miss Lin,You can really domine。”
The windbreaker just seen,Absolutely the lowest price in this game。
But those advanced fabrics,Many styles are limited edition,Some up to about 560,000,There are five or six pieces of finished products.,And her bag,It’s all inlaid。
Besides,There are a few shirts,Don’t talk clothes first,That drill,The one on the sleeves is about 70,000.,Her full package,Never lower than1000Ten thousand。
This issjCharm,But all clothes on the store,Suitable for young people,Fashion sensation must be unprecedented,All decorations are the most popular season,If you buy money, you don’t have a loss.。
Lin Zhen is in the heart,Which counter is she entered??
On the side of Lu Si, Gu Ai’an, also shocked,Lin Zihang actually a cool package。
soon,The waiter laughed and got over,“Miss,A total of one thousand million,Please give me a card.。”
Lin Ziwa:“?


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