But want to get closer,It’s totally impossible,I can’t walk to the lake no matter what。

It is said that,Only a handful of lucky people,In order to be on a majestic rainy day,Peek into the legendary Baiyu Lake。
And the fact is,Baiyu Lake is the home of Shaoyan, the top ten tribe in the world。
Indeed only very occasionally,Mortals will enter the Baiyu Lake area,See the scenery created by the formation and the fairy family。
of course,For the cultivator,It’s not a secret。
After all, Shaoyan also needs a lot of spiritual resources,Need to deal with the outside world。
Per year,There will be a large number of practitioners entering Baiyu Lake,Trading various resources,Shaoyan will naturally open the formation,Bring in these practitioners。
But for Li Ming,Naturally need not。
The fourth state of mind,Easily penetrated into the big formation of Shaoyan,At the same time, with Li Ming’s accomplishments in the formation,This kind of peripheral formation can’t hinder and discover his figure at all。
of course,The more it penetrates into the depths of this old nest,Formation restrictions are becoming more dangerous。
Formation prohibition,Naturally can’t completely resist Li Ming’s heart。
but,The farther away,More prohibitions,The penetration of mental power is more difficult,The power infiltrated will also be weakened。
If face to face,An ordinary god will be taken away by Li Ming in an instant,Just like the fairy in Winter Palace,Easily hit by Li Ming。
But after the big array,Li Ming can’t take the fairy。
therefore,Li Ming should try his best to infiltrate the restrictions,The fewer restrictions,The easier it will be for him to stop the poisonous and ugly fairy。
“This Shaoyan,Sure enough,Many strong。”


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