The three major indicators of Macau, "the same stage" to take Wang Macau

  On December 10, visitors were on "2021 Science and Technology Zhou and Creative Action Exhibition".

(Xinhua News Agency Zhang Jinjia) "Since 2013, it has responded to the national ‘and all the way’ initiatives, and played the Macau ‘Sugaugue Platform’ advantage. We invest in the Risse of Lisbon in Portugal to build the Deni Naistan to operate red wine.

Today, the product has successfully sold to the British, Macau and Mainland, and we will continue to do a good job in Macau and talk about Chinese stories. Wu Zhiwei, President of Milly Manor Agricultural Import and Export Co., Ltd., said that the 2021 Portuguese-speaking National Products and Service Exhibition (Macao) held on the same day, Diarian and South Guangdong Group and other signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and jointly push green food Industrial development, to more people to promote green high-quality Macao boutique brand products. On December 10, visitors were carrying cloud match. (Xinhua News Agency Zhang Jinjia) At the end of the year, the Macao Exhibition will be connected, and then the "Luhai Airlines" in Macau. Beyond International Technology Innovation Expo, the 26th Macao International Trade Investment Exhibition (MIF), Macau International Brand Chain Franchofan Exhibition 2021 (MFE) and 2021 Portuguese-speaking National Products and Service Exhibition (Macau) (Plpex) The Grand Exhibition was held at the same time on December 10. The three exhibitions jointly organized by the Macau Trade Investment Promotion Administration, helping all the merchants to grasp the business opportunities, and the Economic Australia, the Economic. The Chief Executive of the Macao Chief Executive, Zhang Rongshun Liu Xianfei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stationed by the Ministry of Foreign Ministry, was attended. The reporter saw at the scene, the three major exhibitions came through the scene, attracted the merchants gathered, and the Macau exhibition economy injected into the intensive needle, and the live numbers also showed it. "Aggression" growth.

  On December 10, visitors were passed before Shanghai. (Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Jinjia), three-day three exhibitions total exhibition area of ??more than 28,000 square meters, an increase of 13% year-on-year; the booth has a total of more than 1700, which is about 920 more than the previous growth of about 920 More than 1,300 exhibitors in the online exhibition hall; online underline exhibit from the Mainland, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal and Hong Kong and Macau.

  Among them, MIF invited Shanghai as "partner" and set up more than 400 square meters of "Shanghai Pavilion", a total of 16 Shanghai famous enterprises such as scientific and technological innovation, exhibition services, construction investment, transnational trade, Shanghai old name and Chinese medicine, etc. Exhibit.

On the 10th, I also held the "International Trade Investment Forum 2021", deepening the exchange cooperation in Shanghai and Macau through exhibitions and negotiations.

  Li Weinong, Director of the Macao SAR Government, said that Macao will cooperate with Shanghai in the established well-established cooperation, and actively integrate into national innovation-driven development strategies, with a higher station, and greater efforts to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. Communication and cooperation in the field of financial services, trade and trade, continuously improve the synergy level of modern industries in Shanghai and Australia, continuously improve the competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation, and help the country accelerate the construction of domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion Development pattern. On December 10, visitors consulted in the Booth of the Milly Manor Agriculture Import and Export Co., Ltd.

(Xinhua News Agency Zhang Jinjia) The superimposed effect of "Exhibition" is a major feature of this year’s exhibition.

The 26th MIF sets "China Traditional Chinese Medicine (Macau) Brand Exhibition" and "2021 Science and Technology Week and Creative Actics Exhibition", the area of ??China Traditional Chinese Medicine is 10 times larger than last year. And 12 times, attracting more than 145 creatures and 100 Chinese medicine companies to participate, show research outcomes, Chinese medicine products and services, build cross-border cooperation platforms, promote the professional development of the exhibition industry, and strengthen industry linkage. Macau Science of Science and Cartonization, the Macao ASEAN International Chamber of Commerce, cooperated in the MIF exhibition hall to set up the "ASEAN Exhibition Hall" to show projects to the ASEAN countries and the guests of the guests.

Yao Jintang, president of Star Rail, said that Macau has a good radiation effect on ASEAN and Portuguese-speaking countries, and we have gained some orders from the exhibition last year. Looking forward to the platform of "Macau manufacturing" in the platform of MIF to the "One Belt" market. "Macau is in the intersection of two cycles, more advantages such as China Portuguese platform and multi-cultural exchange base. For Macao companies, this is both opportunities and advantages, and responsibility and responsibility." Wu Zhiwei said this year is still under the epidemic Maintaining a strong popularity, which represents everyone ‘s confidence in improving Macau’s economy.

(Xinhua News Agency Li Hanfang, Liu Gang).


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