Promenade,There are soldiers guarding,Yunqin slammed directly with these people。

Ping Pong,A burst of noise,Passing into the old emperor of the ruler。
The old emperor’s unfamed abortion,“Fu Gong,What is going on outside??!I don’t know the royal study,Do you have a hungry??!”
“His Majesty,Slave is going to see this。”Fu Gong’s one,Sincere and fearful, hurry out,Look at the situation。
Open a door,Already hit the battle of the interior door,Broken into Fu Po。
“what happened,what happened?!very messy,What do you do??!”
Hear a sound,Yun Qin’s situation,“it’s me。”
When you guard, you will have a weapon to surround Yunqin.,Visten to Yunqin。
Go to the Temple to give the wish,Naturally, I recognize Yunqin,Look at it is Yunqin,Suddenly shout:“哟 喂!Five princess,How are you here?!The royal study is not casual.!If you blame the crime,What can I do??!”
“There are you!Not let go of the weapon,I hurt five princess,Be careful about your head!”The soldiers face each other,Collapse,Go back to your own position。
“Fu Gong,At this palace, I will see the father.,If it is delayed,You can’t afford it!”Yunqin is not polite threat。
When Fu Gong is suddenly exposed,Fearful expression,“Ouch,Five princess,You have something to tell,Slave, of course, did not dare to block。It’s just that you are in a bad mood.,Slave is afraid that you collide with you.,It is your life.。”
“Arun slave will first report it first.?”
“This is of course。You just said that China。”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS20chapter You, you are.20
Fu Gong’s slightly,Dark belly,These five princess can have a state affair.,It’s not an excuse for national affairs.,Conduct?
It is still a respectful look,Desperate answer:“Five princess is a bit,Slave is going back。”
Just when Yunqin is good,Waiting for Fu Yunyi near the tea house near the Palace,I also received the news of the seniors of the two people.。
“Hose,verified。Min Hou Ye did not let the world follow,There is no sacred purpose,I am going to be a retreat.。”
“and,His Majesty makes the most stringent Jiazhen in the palace,http://www.mamorux.cnGo to the Temple to teach five princess etiquette,Have a ban on five prosthes。”The news that the flying eagle has no expression will be known one by one。
“It’s just the guard in the palace.,Xiao Yuan’s carriage is in the palace with the five princess’s carriage.,until now,Never come out。”
“what?!”Fu Yunyi stood up,“Why don’t you say it??!”
Flying eagle faces,Little is not afraid of the fire of Fu Yunyi,Actually answer:“The following people know what they know。”
Fu Yunyi brow wrinkled to claw the flies,Anxious in Yacultus walking。
“My Xia Yan Gome、Talented female countless,How did he Xiao Yuan are interested in the five emperors of this hall.?!Is it because of the absurd skin of the street?!”
“Need not to go”Flying Eagle made a movement of a kill,Tips Fu Yunyi。
Fu Yunyi’s cold sight sweeps the flying eagle,“Royal Palace,You are afraid of other people who don’t know the conspiracy of the palace??!”
“What’s more, Xiao Yunwugong around Xiao Yuan is inserting,Ten you are not necessarily uniform。You have to grasp the ghosts in front of him.?!”
Flying Eye is half a half,Low head,There is still no way to pass the language:“His Royal Highness。Know if。”
“never mind。I have done it.,I can only see the father’s meaning.。”Fu Yunyi’s headache pressed according to eyebrows,Return back to the chair。
“Let people play the situation in the palace。”
He doesn’t believe it.,Min Houfu is not‘willing’break off an engagement,Today, I saw his five emperor, so care about Wen Min and others.,I want to come to retreat.。He just looks,How is Xiao Yuan going?‘Hit’!
Four Fu Yunyi‘Distress’Xiao Yuan,At this time, I have learned all the situation from Xiao Yun.。Including Fu Yunyi is coming to the palace,Fu Yunyi said two sentences with Minhou, etc.,I know that one is clear.。
and,It has been pushed by Xiao Yun,Drop the book。
——Royal Palace,Royal family。

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