“elder brother,Why do you have to bring Kiki??”

Blue son can’t help but complain。
Blue Lu Jun looked at him,Asked:“Can you let her not come??”
Blue and silent,“can not,This little ancestor I can’t deal with it.。”
Lan Jun is suddenly a little strange to watch him,“You are not guilty today.,How can she see you??”
At first, he felt that Kiki said that the eyes were not strong.。
Blue son is somewhat helplessly scratched:“Not because of Han Yuxuan’s things,I have no love for Han Yu Xuan.。
But Kiki is also very bullying.,Han Yuxuan accidentally kicked her,She gave it two times in her head.,Can I go to help this??”
Blue Lu Jun listened to this,Directly ignore him,Continue to pick a gift。
If he saw it,Never allow others to bully his sister。
This gift,He looked more pleasing eye,Suddenly saw the lighter,Blue 梓 微 微 蹙 蹙,Dad doesn’t smoke,Be used。
He continues to see,Do not let go of any items that can be used as a gift。
Blue and sorrow, see my brother’s attitude,I know that my brother is standing in Kiki.,really,He doesn’t have to think that it is such a result.,Brother has always been short。
“elder brother,Choose together。”
Blue and blue。
Blue Qiqi came out from the bathroom,Just encountering her classmate Han Yuxuan at the toilet corner。
Han Yuxuan is wearing a white sportswear,Some fat,But his five senses are exquisite,If you can lose weight,It must be a rare little man。
Han Yuxuan has long seen Blue Qiqi ,It is intentionally followed by Blue Qiqi’s。
He looked quietly with Blue Qiqi’s exquisite face.,Some people ask:“Blue Qiqi,How will you be here?”
Lan Qi looked at him,Face is somewhat bad,in class,The results of their brothers and sisters have always been the best name.,But she is more than two brothers,Sometimes it will be worse than one or two points.,later,Han Yuxuan is not the same as she,The scores of the two are always the same.,Today’s unit test,She has a hundred points,Han Yuxuan finally las behind her05separated。
She is working,Han Yuxuan pushed her since then,I don’t know if it is intentional.,Still not paying attention,Kick her calf,It is exactly her injured feet.,She hurts,I am very angry at the time.,I took back to my head.。
result,Until school,The two did not pay attention to each other。
Blue, slim, slightly, slightly clenning your own oblique band,Watching Han Yuxuan,“Can I not come here??”
She asked,Tone is very good。
Think about today’s things,She is angry。
She is still walking now.,Occasionally one force,Also painful。
Han Yuxuan shook his head quickly,Think of today’s things,he did not do it on purpose,He is stumbling by his classmates.,I touched her.,I want to stand firm.,Under anxious,But kick her injured feet,He always feels very guilty。
“Kiki,Today’s things are sorry,I did not do it on purpose。”
He apologizes sincerely。
Finish,Nervous standing in place,God,Light flashes,Dare to see Blue Qiqi。
The actions of restlessness before and after the feet,Hand holds in the lower abdomen,Some red fingers。
And the sudden apology of Han Yuxuan,Blue Qiqi is surprised and embarrassed,He is not careful,And she deliberately gave him two times,It seems that this person is small,Love more love。
She bites a pink lip flower slightly.,Why don’t you deliberate?,Everything has happened。
This looks back to the sugar.,Be too embarrassing。


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