Anyway,All hope their own power will be stronger。

Taoism and Buddhism are not comparable to those ethnic forces,Racial ancestry is not an obstacle to joining these two forces。
but,Ming Dao Ren deliberately avoided talking about the two,Make both of them feel helpless。
of course,In addition to Buddhism and Taoism, Li Ming was invited to join,Even the very low-key Wujianmen in the Three Realms has also sent out the invitation,It also opened Daozu personally to accept as a direct disciple,The conditions for choosing three great supernatural powers below the Taoist level。
Although Wujianmen is low-key,But its power is even stronger than the sum of Taoism and Buddhism,Such forces win invitations—Li Ming naturally refused。
joke,As the true god born in the chaotic world of Pangu,His position is very clear。
The messenger of Wujianmen saw that Li Ming did not want to join,Didn’t say much,Left directly。
after all,Today’s Wujianmen is suppressed,After all they—-Is a loser。
Except for wooing Li Ming,There are many strong people who want to make good friends and even trust。
Li Ming’s strength,Enough to shelter some gods and gods。
Those are not representative of one party,There are more than 30 gods and gods who have made friends with Li Ming in his own capacity.。
Among them are some forces from the heavens,There are also digital world masters who control a big world。
More are the lonely gods。
At least three of them expressed the intention of taking refuge。
But Li Ming didn’t take it,These three gods and true immortals who want to take refuge in him are not kind people,One of them killed countless,Was chased by Emperor Donghua。
Li Ming had a pit in his head to bring them under。
Chapter Thirteen Formation、Gift、good news
Ming Daoyou,Unexpectedly, at the level of Chunyang Zhenxian,The Avenue of Stars and the formation can actually blend so perfectly。”Hua Xuxiu’s eyes are full of obsession。


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