Beijing is fully built after the upgrade version of the service content after the service content is open to all students

Original title: This city will fully build the service class after the upgraded version of the service class service content should be fully equalized to all students, strengthen sports, make up labor education; increase the post-class service special funds … Yesterday afternoon, the city’s basic education principal is in Beijing The Municipal Education Commission was held, and more than 1,300 venues were set under the online line. Beijing Youth Daily reported that Beijing will fully build after the upgraded version of the class service, and the focus of the after-school service is "good" "good" "strong", promoting the quality of the class, and the development of high quality .

  At the meeting, Liu Yuxi, director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, deployed new requirements for the post-class service after the city of more than 10,000 presidents.

Liu Yuxi said that after the primary and secondary school, the service will continue to cover all coverage, and the unclishable implementation of the basic requirements; the second must adhere to the quality of Wushu and the system to improve the quality of service after class; The fourth is to adhere to the reform and innovation, and continue to expand the quality of quality resources after class. "The" double reduction "is key in the school and is out of the reform.

It is necessary to further standardize the education and teaching order, improve the quality of classroom teaching, especially to enrich the post-class service supply, improve the post-class service level, attract students in the school, and ensure that learning can learn to learn in the school.

Liu Yuhui said.

  Since September this year, the Municipal Party Committee Education and Working Committee, the Municipal Education Commission has established the "double minus" school work inspection mechanism, the post-level leading package area, with team, to more than 300 school research guidance in the city. According to the survey, the city’s primary and secondary schools fully launched the post-class service, fully launched the courses, organized physical exercise, labor practice and other activities, and launched the quality of sports and art. But it also found that there is still a problem that there is still a mechanical implementation, a single content, and is not strong.

Liu Yuhui said that compared with the post-class service after 2018, the upgraded version of the upgraded version of this year’s semester is a comprehensive upgrade of philosophy, positioning, path, and measures. After class service in the context of "Double Reduction", it is actually a supply system for reconstructing school education.

After the evaluation class service, the core is to see if the students are actually obtained, so the after-school service content should be fully equally open to all students.

The post-class service is included in the overall arrangement of primary and secondary schools, and the system planned school for one-day schedule and education teaching arrangements. According to the school calendar, open the class service time. Liu Yuhui emphasized that students can voluntarily choose whether to participate in the post-class service and choose the time period and content of the participation according to the actual situation.

At the end of the 5:30, it is the time required for the school, not to force students to leave school.

At the same time, for parents to relate certain students, they must provide the necessary delay hosted services. In terms of enhancing the quality of the class, the Municipal Education Commission requested to strengthen physical exercise. There is no class in the sports class. The school must arrange a period of sports activities in the post-class service to ensure that students exercise every day in the school. To design labor education content in the post-class service period, organize students in the school’s labor practice, and arrange the campus cleaning every week.

  In terms of classroom counseling, the Municipal Education Commission requested excellent teachers to participate in the counseling counseling, through teachers, and let outstanding teachers become teachers of all students.

To enhance the targeted service after class. All districts should combine regional actual overall planning, the same area must also combine different situations in urban and rural villages to make full use of local conditions and explore different modes of post-class service.

It is necessary to make a well-class service work for "a school" After the Beijing Primary and Secondary School, the service is to establish a large resource view of the overall supply, fully utilize the resources of Beijing, and make overall supply within the education group, education in the education group. Further strengthen and improve the home school social cooperation and education, and build a community’s community. It is reported that at present, some primary and secondary schools in some areas are actively exploring the elasticity of teachers and has achieved good results.

In order to further do a good job in post-class service, this year, the municipal fiscal increased special funds for post-class service incentives, distribution according to labor, more work, and deducement.

  Text / Our reporter Wu Wenjuan (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share more people see.


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