People’s comment: Sports & Fitness is inseparable from science "prescription"

  In the face of rapid growth of national fitness needs, popularization of scientific movement, scientific fitness knowledge, promoting "physical doctor integration", and became a topic of scientific exercise, scientific fitness, and scientific exercise, scientific fitness. There is such a fitness video on the Internet: some middle-aged and old age fitness is fixed with a buffle, and the hanging hangs hangs on the park big tree shakes and swings. It is considered to treat cervical spondylosis.

This kind of exercise method can be inevitable? The answer is obviously negative. This kind of fitness method will make people believe in their fitness effect, mainly because there are some similar clinical "cervical traction". However, this is not "cervical traction", and its traction power is much greater than the clinical treatment, which may damage nerve tissue, muscles, tessons and ligaments, and more aggravated, and may even cause paraplegia, endanger life. Life is moving, and the movement needs to be scientific. Today, the fitness boom in the country is surging, and sports have gradually become a daily lifestyle.

Physical exercise can promote people’s physical health and help to improve their quality, reduce medical expenses, and is a means of achieving health and effectiveness of the whole people. At the same time, some non-scientific sports fitness methods have no benefits to enhance their health, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the attention. In the face of rapid growth of national fitness needs, popularize scientific movement, scientific fitness knowledge, and promote "physical medicine integration", become a top priority.

  Swimming, skipping, running, playing, Tai Chi … Different human body and fitness demand, suitable for motion form, intensity and frequency are also different.

Although exercise is good for physical health, if you choose not suitable movement or strength, you will not only get the effect of fitness, but will "hurt your hurt".

Taking cerebrovascular disease as an example, a foreign research has been studied in foreign countries. The results show that only leisure motion can prevent cerebrovascular diseases, but quick walk can prevent stroke, but strenuous exercise will increase brain hemorrhage Possible.

  With a great health concept, the exercise is to maintain a healthy "good medicine", sports "prescription" is best opened by professionals. Whether it is a professional doctor or a sports manager, we can provide us with professional sports guidance, tailor-made scientific and reasonable sports "prescription."

Personalized sports "prescription" requires a number of dimensions, including cardiopulmonary functions, muscle strength, flexibility, balance capabilities, etc., can solve problems such as safety, effectiveness, and sustainability. Everyone needs an exclusive sports "prescription". On the basis of interest hobbies, they choose the right way of exercise and do their own health. At present, sports "prescription" is still in our infancy.

It seems that a simple sports "prescription" actually brings together a large number of clinical and imaging experts, sports experts, epidemiological experts, big data engineers and artificial intelligence and other intelligence. It is confirmed a rigorous and meticulous control study of a healthy intervention in a certain movement. Only the scientific evaluation method of sports and fitness is constructed, and the sports "prescription" is continuously improved. Sports fitness can better benefit the majority of fitness.

The relevant departments should strive to promote the deep integration of national fitness and systemic health, and promote "body" and "medical" organic combination, incorporate sports public services into the medical system, alleviate the unaaland of medical resources, optimize sports and medical resources, and services. To make up for medical and hygiene in promoting a healthy short board. Health is the most important indicator of happiness, health is 1, others are 0, no 1, no more 0. Health China, not only relying on the "small prescription" of health care services, but also to link a "big prescription" in the whole society.

Integrate health into all policies, promote people’s share of sharing, in order to achieve healthy China’s goals.


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