Sansu Temple near 10,000 pieces of cultural relics moving, some cultural relics will meet with the public next month

Original title: Sanshui nearly 10,000 artifacts To move a new home, some cultural relics will meet with the public. Sansu Susi Su Xuan project renovation site Sichuan Meishan’s largest cultural card is Su Dongpo. As the former residence of Sansu, Sanyu Hail has always been the place where the literati and the broad masses of the people remember the sages.

I believe that tourists playing in Sanyu Temple, I want to look at the precious cultural relics related to Sanu. How much is the precious cultural relics about Sansu? Why don’t you show your exhibition? There are nearly 10,000 people in Sanyu. In the past, due to lack of exhibition conditions, these colons were basically "locking in the deep people." Today, as the Suxuan rebuilt project is about to be completed, everyone will soon be able to see the precious cultural relics of Sanui! On the morning of November 12, the reporter saw that the exhibition hall in Sanshi Su Xuan cultural relics, the exhibition hall is seen, and the new Susu Xuan has appeared.

The simple and elegant architectural style is integrated with the ancient construction area, and has become a beautiful landscape of Sanyu. In the case of Su Xuan, the workers are working on the wall, ground construction, and strive to complete the project construction as soon as possible. Huang Jian, deputy director of the Dongpo Cultural Tourism Scenic Area, said that the Sapuan project has experienced a period of approximately two years, including fire, security, cultural relics, ancient construction main building, and now there is a special acceptance in progress.

After all the overall projects have been accepted, they are expected to be open to the public next month. In order to let the cultural relics of "hiding in the deep", let the audience see "true things, real baby", get real experience, Sansu Temple launched the construction of the Su Xuan Cultural Relics Warehouse and Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall.

In accordance with the museum standard, the warehouse is planned.

The implantation of a large number of high-tech equipment and modern techniques, providing a good physical environment and important security for the display, appreciation, storage and research of Sanshui cultural relics.

  The Su Xuan cultural renovation is divided into two floors on the ground and the underground layer.

Part of the ground is mainly stored in treasures, and the underground part is stored in the cultural relics such as porcelain, such as porcelain. With the completion of the Soviet project, the three Susu Hall collective cultural relics will settle new home. Huang Jian said that after this transformation, the rank cultural relics can enjoy the VIP treatment in one room, mainly to protect it in temperature, humidity, and security. It is understood that the construction of Sapuan project not only fills the historical gaps of Sansu, which will provide more intimate "living environment" for different kinds of cultural relics, attracting more tourists to San Shu, further enhance three Su Shi’s popularity and reputation.

  At present, Sansui is jointly designed with the Forbidden City Museum.

It is expected that a batch of precious cultural relics will meet with you next month. (Cold couleon Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Jiang Lin) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhang Hua Wei) Share more people to see.


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