In the village committee,Zhao Hong and Ouyang Hong are sitting at the desk talking,Seeing Xia Jian come in,Zhao Hong lowered her head in embarrassment,Ouyang Hong is like a okay person,said laughingly:“Wake up!Then we will officially start working“

Xia Jian smiled slightly,Sat down opposite Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong。Ouyang Hong handed over some materials,Xia Jian has a look,It turned out to be a project declaration for greenhouse cultivation,When finished,He is overjoyed。
“How about this!In the afternoon, I asked Fang Fang to take you to the city,Talk to relevant leaders,It’s best to do special things,If this project can be approved,I brought the relevant materials,Immediately return to the city,Approve the loan first“Xia Jian said happily。
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“very good,Have you sent a car,This is much easier for me,I’m going。Hey!Zhao Hong,You can start anywhere,I’ll notify the music team in a while,Anyway, they are idle for a while“
Ouyang Hong works cleanly,Once finished,Immediately greet Fang Fang,The two went to Pingdu。
Zhao Hong and Xia Jian are left in the office,Suddenly the two felt embarrassed like never before,Zhao Hong spoke first,She asked quietly:“When did you leave?Was it seen by my mother-in-law??”
“It should be just dawn!I went out from the wall“Xia Jian said,Greedy looked at Zhao Hong again,I saw Zhao Hong’s face like a full moon,With a sweet smile,Especially her little mouth,Looks more charming today。
Zhao Hong suddenly blushed and asked:“What did you do to me last night?“
“I do not know!I’m drunk,What did you do?I do not know either,do you know?”Xia Jian laughed deliberately。
Zhao Hong smashed the small notebook angrily,Scolded:“You are bad”
at this time,Chen Erniu ran in without losing the opportunity,He saw that Xia Jian and Zhao Hong were flirting with each other,Deliberately said with a deep face:“This is the office,Pay attention to the image,Go home to do something”
“You say”Zhao Hong shouted sharply,Stood up,Acting as if you are going to scratch Chen Erniu。
Chen Erniu hurriedly surrendered,Sat down next to Xia Jian。This kid didn’t learn well before,Follow Xia Jian in the village,Since Ouyang Hongyi came,Put him in the seat of the villager representative,This kid changed,Become like another person。
“How come back?“Xia Jian asked back。
Chen Erniu sighed and said:“This person is very snob now,This captain usually looks pretty good,But at the critical moment,He will talk to you about money“
“This is normal!Does he want us to pay him part of the project first?“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Chen Erniu shook his head,Helplessly say:“You are also a businessman now,No wonder it’s so clear,Captain Qu said,Our work is not part of the village reconstruction project,So you have to charge extra,More than ten acres of land,Clean up all the mud,And it will also let the workers get the bricks that can be used,A total of 20,000 yuan,See money start work“
“what?20,000 yuan,And pay first?“Zhao Hong was anxious when he heard it。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Isn’t it 20,000 yuan??Wait for Fang Fang to come back,Everything can be done,Erniu!You accompany me to Xihechuan now“Finished,Got up and walked out。
Zhao Hong left his job,Chased it out like a child,She chased and shouted:“Wait for me,I also need to go“

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