“In fact, I can’t sleep, but I don’t want your kid already have a beautiful woman.!”

“Ha ha!Come and drink a cup!”Rui Rui poured a cup of red wine,
“You still drink it.!”
“Red wine is fine!”
Ouyang Duo accompanied them two for a while, can’t go home too late to leave,Rui Rui and Qiao have been waiting for a while, it is bored and returned to the room.。
The next day, Joe, who was rumped in Nanjing for a long time.,Two people eating outside noon,Going back to the club in the afternoon to participate in the dance,Ouyang Duo with a few sisters play together,Rui Rui and Joe are also very funny together.。
Third day,Rui Rui and Qiaozhen have reported that,Just entering the gate is catching up with Zheng Yao leads and caught three people.,Joe saw these three people in their hearts,Because they are their own group players!
“Qiao Yu!Qi Yu!You are coming!”Zheng Yao first saw the two first greeted,
“Zheng Changguan!This is a situation?”Asked Qi Rui,
“Spy!I have been in Nanjing for half a year.!I was discovered by us half a month ago.,I didn’t find any discovery for half a month.,So directly collecting the net!”
“Oh!It turned out to be a spy.!”
“Go and find a doctor.!He should wait for you.!I personally review these three little devils.!”
Joe is a strong intense,Because he is now uncertain in torture, these three people will give themselves.。
Rui Rui and Joe come to the Director Office,Waiting for a while, two people were called。
“Director!”Two people shouted,
“Two youth talents, you are good.!You are all elites!Strong strength!Now there is a temporary important task that needs you to help finish!Qi Yu!Your Japanese is better.?”Wear,
“Ordered!I am proficient in Japanese!”
“very good!According to our newspaper,Yifeng Bank is a ritual hidden station,Qi Yu!Your makeup is a Japanese to enter the audio,Qiao Yu, you are responsible for covering!Once you can find the interior of the bank,I will immediately send people to the bank’s supra.!When you come together, you will work together.!remember!You are not allowed to participate in the gun battle!Because you have more important tasks to do!”
Joe’s office and he said to a toilet,Rui is waiting for a while,Joe comes back,Rui Rui said he said:“how!Joago!See you is somewhat nervous.!”
“The first execution of such an important task is indeed a bit nervous!”
“No need to nervously!Director said that we don’t let us participate in the gun battle.!”Rui Rui and Joe goes to the hospital,At this time, Zheng Yao shouted behind him.:“Qi Yu!”
“Zheng Changguan!What indicator?”Rui Rui stopped and asked,
“You come!”
Joe is waiting in place,Just listen to Zheng Yao first whisper asked Qi Yu:“Is the Director let you pretend to be a Japanese??”
“Yes!Zheng Changguan!”
“You really will speak Japanese?”
“Report Zheng Changguan!Believe in Japanese!”
“Great!Come help me see what the spy is written on this note.?”Zheng Yao first said that he took out a note from his arms and held it well.,
Twenty-eighth chapter Sharpened
Rui Rui looked at the note:“Zheng Changguan!This is written here.;Sakura is likely to expose!Start the second set of options immediately!”
“It turned out to be this meaning!now it’s right!thank you!Qi Yu!You are really a talent.!”Zheng Yao first praised himself this good comrade brother,
Rui Rui, of course, understand the feelings in Zheng Yaoxian speech,But he can’t show it in Joe.,road:“Zheng Changguan is polite!If there is nothing else, I will perform the task.!”
“Oh!Go back!You two be careful!”Zheng Yao first said that the loud voice shouted,
“Xie Zheng Changguan!”
Qi Yu returned to Joe and continued to spend his shoulders.:“Joago!Zheng Changguan’s view is just a great job,We can’t fall behind.!”
“Um!Director is already in the sky!Sustains can’t run!”Joe said when he said, a grief,
Zheng Yao first looked at the back of Qi Rui and Joe.,Calling Song Xiaofan and Zhao Jianzhi to the front of the ear.,The two immediately took someone to go out.。


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