Disintegration is still borrowed‘destroy’the power of,And salvation is very special,Is an upper-level rule,By‘Conservation’Derived from the underlying rules,The purpose is to fight for the liberation of the two long-dead souls,The method is to create a tenth cosmic void scene,Several huge physiques of the Star Clan are swimming in the void,Abandoned Mountain and his companions are among them,They are happy,Because I just ate my prey。

Unexpectedly, I ran into a dead world,That is the place that the Jixing tribe looted earlier,The originally vibrant world is collapsing,After the energy is drawn out, it becomes very ugly and hideous,The Jixing people are not interested anymore,When leaving,Another dead sky floats,Interpreting the same tragic ending。
In addition to contempt and contempt,There are no other emotions among the Yosei,But I didn’t expect death worlds to float one after another,And more and more,Getting denser,Within a short time period,The location of the Yoshisei tribe has become the graveyard of the dead heavens,Countless tragic disaster scenes unfold before them,These pictures flash quickly,But it can fully show the process of hunting prey,Full of blood。
These plots made a few hostess very angry,But the screen quickly switched scenes,Countless huge figures appeared,One by one,Densely packed,Abandoned hills and other Jixing tribe quiet,Because these figures are all of their kind,Although I don’t know where they came from,But seeing so many of the same kind is naturally something to be happy about。
at the same time,The dead stars collapsed one by one,The cemetery became a gathering place for the Jixing tribe,There are no more living stars in the perceptible space around,Bad things happen quickly,When an extremely strong Yoshisei clan swallowed their companions,The other hordes who lost their food seemed to be stimulated,Open their mouths to swallow their companions,So a more bloody and cruel picture is presented in front of you。
Abandoned mountain scared,The Jixing tribe will never attack and cannibalize their companions,They may be really hungry,no no,No matter how hungry you are, you should not attack the same,of course,There are no living stars around here,They should try their luck further afield,Maybe there are mature stars and fresh life,But this kind of thinking is just wishful thinking。
The number of Yoshisei is declining sharply,Soon the most powerful ones were left standing in front of the abandoned mountain and the like,There was a terrible and greedy fierce light in their eyes,Abandoned Mountain doesn’t know the rest of the same kind,Is he the last star in the universe, including himself?,But the moment was full of grief and despair,It roared and rushed towards each other,The corresponding is,The other party also rushed towards it with a big mouth。
The picture stopped abruptly,The abandoned mountain ravaged under big feet and its companions are still immersed in cannibalism、In the pain of waiting for the final destruction,If the picture is the real scene of the tenth universe,The demise of the Jixing clan is an indisputable fact,The long-standing illusions and hopes of the abandoned mountain are suddenly shattered,That kind of unwillingness and resentment also lost its way,At this moment it is willing to be swallowed by its companions,Just want salvation。
Yes,Salvation,The abandoned mountain at this moment is extremely fragile,Completely lost resistance,Under the repeated crushing of big feet,Will vanish,The undead is completely annihilated,Since it is salvation,Should let the evil thoughts completely disintegrate,This is a real relief,And the strangulation of the power of two rules is like a storm。
Abandoned Mountain Companion,Its willpower is much more tenacious,Just sway in the choice between redeeming and devouring the world,The law of salvation fails,It tried to provoke the multidimensional space-time decomposition method to escape while breathing,But in the middle of the road, Li Tianchou punched the temporarily created multi-dimensional space to shatter,The mountain-like body of the evil spirit suddenly disappeared。
Li Tianzhen took a breath,Flick right arm,The palm of the right hand that was eroded by the two Yosei clan grows back again,Chaos attribute is the real immortality,Even within the gate of heaven, it is difficult to suppress his ability。
He is just confused,Is the so-called immortality just relative??Why does the annihilation of every cosmic era cause the death of three rough stones?Could it be that Chaos Will killed them by himself?Sixty-three rough stones were produced after a long time,Li Tianzhen’s head hurts just thinking about it,Maybe only see them,To find the real answer。
Instantly kill two ferocious evil spirits,Li Tianzhen did not have any joy,The force of continuously motivating two rules is indeed very sharp,But failed to achieve the goal,Faintly full of frustration。
In fact, only after the abandoned mountain loses himself in a deceptive scene can he be freed,And its companion was completely killed,Its resentment has not been resolved,Must be transformed into some other evil thing,There is no way to pursue anything right now。
Look up,Those eyes that are near or far have changed positions again,But there is no missing pair,They just made a commotion in the short fight just now,But there is no escape,Also didn’t take the opportunity to help,This surprised Li Tian。
Kuukimo’s breath completely disappeared,Blood River has never appeared since entering the gate of heaven,It may change after a long delay,Li Tianzhen packs up his mood and continues to stride forward,Waiting for him may be one hard fight after another,so what?
Getting closer and closer,But there is no obvious movement of any pair of eyes,The evil spirits are already waiting,Just wait for Li Tianzhen to get closer,And then rushed to tear him to pieces。
A light blue light flew rapidly from a distance,A bang fell between Li Tianzhi and those eyes,The whole space smashed was shaking,This is a pocket-sized star beast,It looks extremely small in front of the black shadows that fall like a mountain,But blue light shines,Bursts out the light waves like a blade,Extremely aggressive。
Li Tianzhen deliberately maintained the huge figure that was far beyond the mountain during the previous battle,Looking down at the pocket star beast in front of you,Overpower opponents in momentum,This is what he did‘Conservation’Pride of the Guardian,It also puts pressure on the opponent before the battle,From now on, opponents will become stronger and stronger,More and more,He plans to cut the mess quickly,Don’t give the star beast any chance。


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