This is an elite flower kiss spider,Its breath is too scary,Far better than the spiders everyone just met,A terrifying aura exuded from it。

No one doubts,The combat power of this mutant flower kiss spider,Can easily surpass a forty-level fighter。
If this monster appeared in front of the wooden knife,I’m afraid no one can go up the mountainside。
Chapter Ninety Hundred and Eighty Six food
The four are invisible in front of this terrifying mutant flower kiss spider,The distance between the two sides is less than ten steps away。
Although I know the effect of the group hiding technique,But the four still dare not breathe,All motionless。
Those people on the mountainside,When I saw this mutant flower kiss spider,Took a breath,It’s hard not to worry about them。
Judging from where the four people disappeared,It is not difficult for them to draw conclusions,Those four guys are very close to the mutant flower kiss spider,Really close,So close that only one attack,Can make them annihilate。
At this moment,Huang Shaotian’s eyes sparkle,This beautiful swordsman quietly bowed her body tight,Hold the hilt with your right hand,Like a cheetah waiting to attack,Whole body light pattern strength is contained but not sent,Silent transfer。
She plans to attack the monster with a sword,Use yourself to lead it away!
Because only this,So that the companions can escape successfully,And survived。
The moment Huang Shaotian was ready to take action,A big hand grabbed her bright wrist first。


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