Huawei and 18 car companies set up 5G car ecosystem

Huawei and 18 car companies set up “5G car ecosystem”
On May 9, Huawei united with FAW Group (FAW Hongqi, FAW Pentium, FAW Liberation), Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Group (Dongfeng Passenger Car, Dongfeng Xiaokang), SAIC Group (SAIC Passenger Car, SAIC-GM-Wuling), GAC Group(GAC New Energy), BAIC Group (BAIC New Energy), BYD, Great Wall Motors, Chery Holdings, JAC, Yutong (passenger cars), Cyrus, Nanjing Iveco, T3 Travel, etc.The “5G Automotive Ecosystem” accelerates the commercial process of 5G technology in the automotive industry and jointly creates 5G vehicles that consumers perceive.Huawei stated that as an extension of the Intelligent Networking Ecosystem, after the establishment of the 5G automotive ecosystem, Huawei hopes to use the advantages of automotive incremental components to provide consumers with 1 + 8 + N full-scene experience and 5G network solutions.Ability to contribute more technologies, platforms and ideas to partners in the ecosystem, more systematically serve good car companies to carry out 5G car innovation verification, and bring consumers a more amazing experience.It is understood that since the release of the world’s first 5G vehicle module MH5000 in April last year, Huawei has provided products and technologies such as 5G vehicle module MH5000 and 5G vehicle terminal T-Box platform to partners and many car companies to support 5G vehicles.And the application innovation of 5G + C-V2X intelligent network connection.Sauna, night net editor Lu Yifu Chen Li proofreading Lu Qian


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